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Event - Launch, Umi Sushi Express

"We believe in good karma - doing things well then things will come back," says Jessie Xiao at the launch of her latest venture, Umi Sushi Express.

That’s why the launch of this Event Cinemas George Street sushi train ended with an exclusive charity screening of Man of Steel...

...with proceeds supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation & Sydney Children's Hospital.

Before our movie we were kept entertained with an incredible cultural collision, from a Chinese lion dance...

...to a sake ceremony, to watching her talented sushi chefs slice up a 34.5kg “baby” tuna.

It’s great to see an experienced operator (this is Jessie’s third store) shining a beacon of affordable healthy food amidst...

...a street of corporate fast food death!

So go check it out next time you see a movie!

You might even be lucky enough to catch them serving blue fin tuna, where they do a cutting ceremony...

...much like this one!


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