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Review - Santa Barbara


Ousting trainee shock-jock Sandilands and his colourful Kings Cross mates, The Piano Room replacement is somewhere you might actually want to drink.

WEBSantaBarbara-07 WEBSantaBarbara-08

The crowd’s young, but mostly attitude-free; the booths are fast to fill. The Drink’n’Dine crew (responsible for The Norfolk, Abercrombie and Forresters) have gone for another low-key Michael Delany refit; this time suiting a loose (bordering-on-tacky) Hawaiian-meets-L.A.-Korean vibe.

WEBSantaBarbara-14 WEBSantaBarbara-15 WEBSantaBarbara-16

So kick things off with a Bloody Korean ($10/Sundays) - it’s spicy so a TsingTao ($8) chaser is good idea - then chill...


...as the sun sets over William Street, and bright lights start to rise.

WEBSantaBarbara-18 WEBSantaBarbara-17

Perched (as you are) practically inside the infamous Coke sign, Coke Can Chicken ($20) is clearly a must-do.


Round it out with bings - stretchy ‘Chinese tacos’ or pancakes - with toppings like Peking Duck ($5.50) or Korean Short Rib ($5.50).

WEBSantaBarbara-21 WEBSantaBarbara-19

Throw in a bowl of pineapple/bacon flavoured Maholo Popcorn ($7) and you probably won’t fit much more in.


With much menu left to cover, I returned for some healthier eats - pretty Kingfish Poke ($16) (it’s Hawaii's answer to ceviche)...

WEBSantaBarbara-02 WEBSantaBarbara-04

...Sesame Slaw ($7) and a balancing bowl of tasty Sweet Potato Fries ($9).


It’s cheap, fun, and they do Downtown Iced Tea ($30/jug) by the jug full – do you really need to hear more?

Santa Barbara
1 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross
Ph: (02) 9357 7882

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