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Review - Katsu Yachiyo

Irasshaimase!” The happy chorus rings out as I duck through the hanging fabric flags.

This tiny Devonshire Street spot is my current work lunch favourite; mostly because of the way it manages to transport you (in the space of fifty minutes) far from the corporate grind. They do it with a sense of generosity that sees a simple gozen lunch turned into a degustation of sorts.

It starts with salad and miso soup, progresses to a silky square of agedashi tofu and chawanmushi, that curious savoury custard that I have grown (especially over winter) to love.

Just be sure to leave enough room for your actual lunch selection!

Yachiyo Gozen ($21.50) with sushi rolls, sashimi and tempura is my favourite, but it’s big.

Tempura Gozen ($14.50) delivers a good selection of deep fried; or you can opt for health with their ever-changing Sashimi Gozen ($17.50).

Earlier this month I was delighted by a well-presented selection that included delicate red gurnard and indulgent blue fin tuna - great with their specially imported Double Thick Soy Sauce ($18/360ml take-home).

On cold days warm up with the chicken and seafood Yachiyo Hot Pot ($17.50) and a wee lunchtime snifter of Ginban Daiginjo-shu Sake ($19/100ml).

I’ll leave their - also included - dessert as a happy surprise…

Katsu Yachiyo
208 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9690 2424

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