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Review - Coco Cubano

Alex Harmon had a Cuban inspired night on Oxford Street...

It’s pretty much the only place on Oxford Street where you can dine al fresco and not be in a gutter. At first it seemed to be a chain store fad, but it’s actually still popular after all these years, so I thought I’d revisit. While the uniforms, rum and cigars are distinctly Cuban, the food only hints of Havana, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Pizzas, Latin American tapas and Mexican drinking food is more than enough to keep the masses happy – like the gorgeous mini Beef Sliders ($10.90 / 2) with mouth-watering balsamic caramelised onions, or the Grilled Haloumi ($12.90) with its smoky finish.

Pizzas are thin-crusted and loaded with fresh toppings; the Serrano ($17.90) is simple but spot on with prosciutto and tomato salsa.

You must order the Spiced Chicken ($12.90) – incidentally their most popular dish – it’s DIY with warm tortillas and spicy guacamole.

Staff may look totalitarian, but they’re friendly and happy to help. Of course, it would be a crime not partake in Mojitos, the Classic ($15.90) uses seven-year-old Havana Club, or slip some sweetness into your day with a Lychee Mojito ($14.90) as you recline in one of the leather armchairs and plan a revolution over Taylor Square.

Coco Cubano
191 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 9360 2778

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Tags: cocktails, food
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