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Review - One Six Eight Restaurant & Bar

After growing to love Chef Leigh McDivitt’s cooking during his five-year stint at my local, the 3 Weeds Hotel, I was quick to visit his first solo venture in the vicinity of Observatory Hill.

The unusual location offers diners the opportunity to make business lunches a bit more exciting, with whimsical dishes like Duck Prosciutto ($18) arriving...

...with octopus, broccoli and shaved duck yolk on a blood orange cloud (read: marshmallow).

For night owls like me, the location means plenty of 4-hour parking, and the option of a 6-course Tasting Menu ($70/head) to deliver more bang for your buck.

It’s full of hits like Fried Green Tomato ($15) with hay-smoked goats cheese (Leigh likes his smoke) which would make any vegetarian smile;

...and tasting portions of the wilder combinations, like Beer Braised Short Rib, Citrus Gel, Pencil Leeks and Salted Beer Lollipop ($36), whose intensity might not work for everyone as a main.

Lawyer and former Dancing with the Stars professional Amanda De Carlo lights up the floor, attracting a tribute - in the form of a doughnut pre-dessert - from partner Leigh.

Honey Jack Daniel's Ice Cream, Chocolate Honeycomb, Raspberry Sorbet and Salted Caramel Fudge ($16) is his love-note to the rest of us – and I’m smitten - with Xanadu Cane Cut ($52/bottle) too.

One Six Eight
6/168 Kent Street, Millers Point
Ph: (02) 7900 4857

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Tags: cocktails, food, wine
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