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Event - Cleanfish Australia Market

Ask any of the top restaurants where their seafood comes from, and chances are many of them will say Joto Fresh Fish, especially if they're serving sustainable seafood.

Word gets out, and after fielding countless calls from people who've dined in fancy restaurants wanting to buy their seafood retail, the folk behind this restaurant-quality fish monger have registered and opened a fish market called Cleanfish Australia.

Between 8am and midday every Saturday morning, you'll find a mini-market of produce at 10 Baker Street, Banksmeadow...

...as well as a wonderful selection of fishes you won't see everywhere (particularly at these prices).

I took home Balmain bugs from Coffs Harbour, kingfish sashimi, green prawns and some beautiful pieces of Glacier 51 Toothfish - the "wagyu of the fish world". The fishermen travel eight days to reach this remote fishing ground, and fish these bottom-dwellers for three months of the year. Fried in clarified butter for three minutes on each side, the resulting toothfish filets are truly astounding!

While celebrity chef Tom Kime was on hand flogging his sauces (to make cooking your seafood a breeze), I was inclined to give it a go myself. The beautifully cooked Balmain bugs seemed too wonderful to do much else with, so half were turned into a bug, papaya and coconut salad lunch.

The other half showed up as an entree for dinner with grape, cucumber, avocado and mandarin salsa on cos lettuce leaves.

Of course it was hard to resist trying a pair of bugs on the barbeque with the amazing green prawns...

...and didn't they scrub up well?

And all the shells and heads were turned into a bisque - because if you're going to go to the trouble of sourcing sustainable seafood, like me, you probably hate throwing anything edible away!
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