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Review - Newton's Cocina

Feeling like dining somewhere different, (and hearing the call of margaritas), we ventured to Newton's Cocina for a bite to eat last night. Our experience was a little hit and miss, but I did appreciate the service. The night began well with a complimentary zingy chilli shot on arrival.

For our first drink, we chose The Ultimate Margarita ($12.95) which had the largest rock salt rim I have ever seen on a margarita... and when I tasted it, I could see why - it was an attempt to balance the extreme acid in the glass. It was largely unsuccessful. After struggling through it, I switched to a Frozen Strawberry Daiquari ($7.55) to offset the acidic rumbling in my stomach... unfortunately it tasted mostly of strawberry jam. My partner hazarded that it was Strawberry Topping, but I recognised the tell-tale signs of canned strawberries, highlighted by how dark the mix was in the glass.

On the other hand, my partner's Frozen Lemon/Lime Margarita ($7.55) was quite refreshing and lovely. Perusing their wine and beverage list made, the pricing seemed all over the shop. I do not understand why a frozen margarita and a mocktail cost the same amount ($7.55), and I felt that $29.55 for a bottle of MadFish wine was a little expensive.

For our entree, we shared Chorizo and Garlic Mash Quesadillas ($16.35) with a strange ranch dressing like sauce. This was an innovative idea that was executed badly, through the use of a rather 'smallgoods like' Chorizo. Had it been done with a tasty Chorizo, I would have liked the dish, as the garlic mash was a nice foil to the quesadilla. My partner chose a chicken dish for his main, and it was probably the most sucessful dish of the night, although he did order a side of chilli to spice it up. The chicken breast was dry fried in chilli, and served with rice, beans and a tortilla which had been thrown on the grill to blacken it in strips.

My main of Combination Fajitas ($32.55) (beef, prawn and chicken) was less sucessful, arriving at the table seriously undercooked. After a mouthful of par-cooked chicken, I was pretty uninclined to eat any more, especially as the beef also looked very pink in the middle. Whilst I am fine about eating pink beef, I do not think undercooking it for fajitas does the dish any favours, as the piece I did try was quite low on flavour. To the waitperson's credit, they noticed my uneaten main, and asked the problem. Upon hearing my answer they apologised and removed it from the bill, which went some way toward making up for the faults of the meal.

With the Entertainment Book voucher, this meal was reasonably good value, but still left me wondering where I might find a consistently good Mexican restaurant in Sydney.

Newton's Cocina

403 King St, Newtown NSW
Ph: (02) 9519 8211

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