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Review - TopHat Coffee Merchants

Alex Harmon shows you where to get good coffee, even if you're not wearing a shirt...

The young couple who made waves down South with Swallow Coffee Traders have gone and done the same thing for the East.

Co-owners, Jess Hol and Angus Nicol sold their Rockdale café and set sail for Clovelly, bringing their art of coffee making and their own roaster which rotates single-origin beans (soon to be wholesale).

For their efforts they were given a ‘two cup’ rating in the Good Coffee Guide. The (sometimes shirtless) locals seem to appreciate it too.

Their kitchen is tiny but they manage to produce a range of breakfast and lunch snacks, and bake their own bread. It’s jaffle season all right, but they keep ‘em interesting, like Pulled Pork and Cheddar ($7.50) or Banana and Cinnamon ($7.50).

Post-beach hunger is best satisfied by the Avocado Smash ($10.50) with smoked salmon and delicious soy and quinoa toast.

Fresh Juices ($7), served in jars are cute, so is the décor, and for that matter – the attitude.

Nicol is anxiously waiting on a liquor license so Clovelly may soon have its first small bar serving wine, Young Henry‘s beer, and corkage, “so locals can bring their nice bottles of wine” and enjoy a cheese platter. Watch this space. I know I will be.

TopHat Coffee Merchants
315 Clovelly Road, Clovelly
Ph: (0414) 924 685

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