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Review - Nick's Bar & Grill

That’s the damnedest thing I ever saw… it seemed to swoop down at you deliberately.” If I hadn’t seen Hitchcock’s 1963 movie The Birds, I’d swear seagulls were getting smarter.

Yes, I’m starting a review with birdlife again, but their ingenuity stood out at this popular 550-seater.

Like the gulls, Nick’s Restaurant Group owns most of the prime waterfront real estate in the Darling Harbour basin.

This one combines the seafood elements from Nick’s Seafood Restaurant; with the steaks from I’m Angus - sometimes even on the same plate as per Australia’s perennial favourite: surf and turf.

Fillet Steak and Prawns ($45) offers a juicy steak, a pair of king prawns, chips, asparagus spears and a side of hollandaise that...

...probably goes better with my Grilled John Dory Fillets ($42).

Most families, unless they’re keen on a birthday picture with a seafood platter, start their meal with Oysters ($24/6). They’re accompanied by bread and butter, the usual vinaigrette, and - in what might be a gesture to accessibility - cocktail sauce.

Plump Scallops ($21) grilled on the half-shell with citrus caramel seem too sweet to me, until I get stuck into my Evans & Tate 'Metricup Road' ($60/bottle); and watch countless kiddies consume their fish and chips with real relish.

Nick’s Bar & Grill
The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney
Ph: (1300) 989 989

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