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Review - A Tavola

Alex Harmon is hot on the case of the Bondi exodus...

Bondi’s newest precinct, ‘The Hub’ is like the graduation program for successful inner-city businesses. Messina, Melbourne’s Sensory Lab, and now A Tavola, the Darlinghurst institution, have all set up shop on Hall Street.

You’ll still find the ten metre marble table, and it’s there that we’re treated to a sampling of ‘consigli’ (specials) and a purely Italian wine list.

The Stracciatella Con Fave ($18) whets the palate, like an amuse-bouche, this ‘egg drop soup’ contains broad beans, zucchini flower and pickled shallot, and is paired with a 2012 Poderi del Paradiso ($14/$59).

The Raviolo with Cuttlefish Ink ($32), is visually stunning and dressed with salmon roe, I could not fault it!

However the knockout dish - and thankfully a regular player (just look at the ribbons of fresh pasta drying in the kitchen) - is the Pappardelle with Wagyu Beef Shin ($34). It dances with a red wine and horseradish sauce, and it’s the apex of the night until Creminio ($14) – dessert - is served.

Cute as a button in a coffee cup with layers of chocolate, hazelnut, Italian meringue and salted caramel ice cream, it’s the icing on the communal dining cake. In a post-surf taco town, it’s nice to know chic and sleek can still work.

Please note: Alex's portions in these photos are smaller than the regular A Tavola serves because she wanted to try more things!

A Tavola
69-71 Hall Street, Bondi
Ph: (02) 9130 1246

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