MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

This Week's Food News: Snack Foods

While most of my time is spent in restaurants, everyone snacks sometimes.

This week I’ve been getting into Duck Creek Farm Macadamias, grown and hand-packaged in the beautiful Byron hinterland.

Called It’s The Duck’s Nuts, their eye-catching 80g packets [RRP $6.90] are the perfect size for a snack. They come in a variety of sophisticated flavours; on top of the expected Dark/Milk Chocolate-Coated, Honey-Roasted and Sea Salted ones.

My favourites were Wasabi and the utterly compelling Abalone – trust me, they go down well with beer!

I’m also a sucker for South American alfajores – shortbread-style biscuits containing dulce de leche (milky caramel). I usually head out to Sugarloaf Patisserie in Kogarah or Lion D’Or in Carramar to buy mine, so hearing that AlfaChoc will post them to me direct, may well save me some petrol money for my favourite sweet fix. I favoured the AlfaChoc Classico ($23.40/6) over their chocolate-coated versions.
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