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Review - Wagyu House

Ten minutes outside the Inner West, a circus tent of lighting alerts you to this Korean mecca of meat.

Pull your vehicle directly into what appears to be the centre of the restaurant; get met immediately by a smiling waiter.

First timers are directed into one half of the restaurant - 'The Butcher' - which also owns two NSW wagyu farms.

They deal in whole carcasses, slicing, diced and skewering them into an extensive, white-plate selection, ranging from mixed to marinated meats, vegetables and seafood.

Spoiled for choice, we eventually lean towards marination: Chilli Seafood Sticks ($10/3)...

...Angus Short Rib ($25) and Pork Belly Chilli ($20.64/259g) while bemoaning not bringing more friends!

We pay, and they’re loaded into a shopping basket with a unique array of beverages – Baek Se Joo ($22/300ml) mellow Korean ginger and ginseng fermented rice wine...

...Asabiraki Sake ($35/300ml) and budget-friendly Korean Hite Beer ($7).

By the time we’ve walked across the car park our table is brimming with twelve different banchan - small vegetable sides - from...

...kimchi to pickled cucumber and daikon, bean sprouts with sesame, and ultra-sweet carrot and potato hunks.

There’s also a cabbage-based Korean coleslaw, two dipping sauces and lettuce leaves for wrapping your mouth-wateringly good self-barbequed charcoaled selections.

Be warned: it’s joyous but very messy.

Wagyu House
668-670 Parramatta Road, Croydon
Ph: (02) 9797 9999

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