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Review - The Hill Eatery

This week I am scratching my head trying to work out why Alex Harmon passed up a breakfast cocktail...

Breakfast at The Hill is quite a stimulating experience. With plant life draping the walls, brown leather sofas, and repurposed wood benches, there’s a bit of the ‘Little Barbershop of Horrors’ in the air - without the horrors, of course.

When it comes to the food, it’s all about honesty. The owners believe in the farm-to-table philosophy and source all their produce ethically.

Although tempted by their breakfast cocktails, a bunch of joggers arrive and order the Green Juice ($6.50), so I jump on the bandwagon. With apple, mint, cucumber and citrus, I felt healthier just looking at it.

Muffins are baked fresh daily and we were treated to Date, Banana and Chocolate ($4.50) straight out of the oven - pretty much heaven.

Mexican Baked Eggs ($18.50) start the day off in good stead; that’s if you can finish it - it’s mountainous, with large envelopes of tortillas.

Love Eggs ($16.50) gets it just right with field mushrooms, a fan of avocado, ricotta and poached eggs on sourdough.

The Hill is also a bar of an evening, with a strong local following. With events such as wine tasting, function catering, and décor worthy of a cult-film set, they’re certainly making a mountain out of this North Bondi hill.

The Hill Eatery
39-53 Campbell Parade, Bondi
Ph: (02) 9130 2200

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