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Review - JamVybz Restaurant

Turns out Alex Harmon has a secret fetish for Jamaican food she hadn't told me about...

I’ve seen jerk chicken creeping onto bar menus but until now I was yet to see an authentic Jamaican restaurant cruise into Sydney, that is until, with a South London-style Jamaican dining partner in tow, I set foot into this brightly coloured Glebe flagship.

Initiate yourself with the Chef’s Sample Platter ($18.99), a selection of codfish fritters, jerk chicken wings and jerk prawn kebabs for two. With homemade ‘slaw and pineapple to sweeten the deal, it appeals to the most seasoned (and unseasoned) of Caribbean eaters.

Co-owner Jackie says we must try the “reggae dancehall favourite Curried Goat ($19) which is deliciously tender, served with rice and peas. ‘South London’ decides it’s the best she’s had since leaving her hometown.

Of course we cannot neglect Jerk Chicken ($17.99), cooked over wood-fire and coated with tasty jerk marinade. This isn’t your trendy bar snack, this is bona fide, falling-off-the-bone, goodness.

Coconut Curried Shrimp ($22) is possibly their most lacklustre dish, but it’s mild and easy to eat.

Sweet Potato Pudding ($8.50) is a warm and deliciously sweet dessert that’ll have you feeling the good vibes – driven home by the Bob Marley posters and tunes.

Despite the tackiness in the air, what is coming out of the kitchen here is the real deal.

JamVybz Restaurant
72 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Ph: (02) 9571 1158

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