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Frustration, Fairday & a Fluffy White Dog

The weekend was a bit of a blur with us doing Hellfire on Friday night, including a full house, 2 great booked shows, Miss Donne stripping down to sing in her panties & David Hoyle popping in to do a free show on our lil' stage.

On Saturday after a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs on toasted ciabatta with fried ham at a newish cafe up the road (Limelight) we practically had to be at The Opera House for the opening night of David Hoyle's show. I loved it, and enjoyed sitting with him and Bob Downe afterwards talking shit. We saw a small bit of Meow Meow's show too, before deciding we did not have the attention span for a second show. Heading home we were joined by Ronnie & Stuie who entertained us until dawn broke.

Up again after not much sleep and off to man The Opera House stall between 2pm and 4pm at Fair Day. Twas hot, but I saw many lovely people. The cutest of which was this one:

Sunday night was spent with Ronnie debating space colonisation. Ronnie is arguing for The Moon. Craig wants Mars, and I was keen on Titan. They all have their drawbacks, Titan's atmosphere contains hydrogen cyanide which is er.. toxic for humans. But it's very pretty, and far, far away. We also learned a lot about space-time distortion in gravity wells, and debated the term God ad nauseum. We've agreed to disagree (well we did around 5am). Here's Titan:

I started regretting the lack of sleep at 7.45am this morning when I had to get up to get my car in to Honda to be serviced. I woke up cross, so decided to yell at them about the $1600 quote for a new clutch kit. It (not too surprisingly) changed when I pointed out that my 18 month car perhaps should not need a whole clutch kit (pads yes, kit no) after such a little time, and that if it did, perhaps it was defective in the first place, and thus should be covered by my warranty. They then dropped $500 from the quote as it suddenly only needed pads, which of course are not covered by the warranty. But hey, at 7.45am I had to pay $1600, so to get to $1100 before 10.30am made my cranky mood worth while. I wondered (of course) if this was because they thought I was a stupid woman who would not question their diagnosis or price... bet they didn't count on me having read the report on women paying more comparitively for car repairs (and cars) then men. If you want to read it, it is called: Women as Consumers - The Way Ahead Report. Every woman should have one.

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