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Review - The Spice Cellar

While the somewhat lurid colours of this year’s Vivid painted this town, I slipped twenty feet underground to investigate this sunken cellar.

By cleverly rolling everything you want from a small bar - food, wine and cocktails - in with a nightclub vibe - DJs and dancing - they’ve...

...created the perfect way to avoid the Sydney lockout blues.

Fuel your mini-club adventure with a better than average bar food selection, that might see you start with witlof boats of Tuna Crudo ($15/3 pieces) dusted with fresh horseradish...

...or a duo of freshly shucked Oysters ($8) with Champagne mignonette.

Vegetarian dishes are well represented on the short menu, from baked feta-stuffed Filo Cigars ($9/4 piece) to fat golden slabs of Grilled Haloumi ($12/4 piece) with shaved cucumber, lemon and dill.

The standout is a Warm Cauliflower Salad ($8) with chickpeas, parsley, tahini and black sesame seeds.

The light and surprisingly healthy dishes suit wines including the Spanish 2012 Colours Chardonnay ($9/glass), however if you ask me, cocktails are where this bar shines, starting with a cleverly designed absinthe float on the gin and pink grapefruit-based Good Voodoo ($18).

Later in the evening, Keep On Keeping On ($18), with an energy boosting glass of banana-infused Tennessee whisky stirred over ice with bitters and smoked maple syrup.

The Spice Cellar
Basement, 58 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9223 5585

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Tags: cocktails, food, wine
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