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Review - Chica Linda

You’d be forgiven for thinking designer Mike Delany dropped a tab of acid before choosing this riotous colour scheme.

It’s alarming, that is until a few Panamargaritas ($17) get your lips tingling with jalapeno, aloe drink, agave and tequila, and ease you into the swing of things.

Start your mock South American vacation with arepas. They’re dense, mitt-sized corn flatbreads stuffed with Soft Shell Crab ($6) or Smoked Pork Belly ($6) with honey chipotle glaze and pickled ‘slaw.

And even if you’ve been burned by chewy Chicken Hearts ($6) before, trust me when I tell you to order one of these skewers each, accentuating them with a squeeze of char-grilled lemon.

Asado Prawns ($15/3) are also worth ordering, particularly if you avail yourself of the on-table fiery, scotch bonnet sauce.

Pineapple, coconut sugar and cachaca ensure the Caipirinha Amazonica ($17) puts out any remaining fire as you head into mains.

They’re served Latino family feast style, so expect sharing platters of juicy Puerto Rican Roast Pork ($35) dripping in colourful tomato, corn and black bean salsa. A side of Coca Cola Rice and Beans ($9) is all your really need to make a meal for three, perhaps with a schooner of Kosciusko ($7) apiece?

The Guava Empanada ($14) is a nice way to finish.

Chica Linda
The Carrington, 563 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9360 4714

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Tags: cocktails, food
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