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Chest Freezer & Food Drive?

A while back now, one of my old spankettes told me she was pregnant. Much to her horror, I said I didn't think it was a great idea, because I foresaw her ending up as a single mother, trying hard and failing to make ends meet, struggling on her own. This upset her, but we remained friends, and today I spoke to her. The time I predicted is here, and for those that knew Mel, she now needs some help.

She is unable to get any child support out of her ex, and she has two boys, who both potentially have autism (or at least they are both considerably developmentally behind). The first boy, Joel is 2 1/2 years old, and Luke is 15 months. Neither of them speak, though Luke babbles a bit. She is on a pension, but they are assuming that her ex is paying her $580 per month, which he is not. They are not yet ready to enforce this, he gets a few months grace before our stupid child support system starts deducting it directly from his pay. Apparently she has stopped paying any bills, and her pension goes on feeding the boys. She's on the wait list for housing commission, respite care and of course hoping for the eventual child support. She has apparently contacted all the relevant agencies, and they say all things take time. In the mean time, he comes to Hellfire, and she eats Weetbix for her meals to make ends meet.

It's breaking my heart.

The best thing I can think of to do is provide her with a chest freezer (she only has a small fridge with the top part as a freezer) and fill it with meat, and other foods which she can live off, and hopefully get the nutrition she needs to embark on the life of caring for her two small kids.

So I was thinking I would ask if anyone knew of anyone with a working chest freezer that they may want to part with, or sell cheaply, or if anyone would like to contribute to us buying her one off EBAY... and whether if I set a day if anyone would be into donating some food stuffs to her and the kids... I would be happy to drive around and collect things and get them out to her in Mortdale. Or if anyone has a better idea of some way to help?

...because I am stumped, and this time wishing badly that what I thought would happen hadn't.
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