MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Bar Fly: The Angry Pirate

This week Bar Fly Viv McGregor walks the plank into downtown Redfern...

The Angry Pirate
125 Redfern Street, Redfern (02) 9698 9140
Sometimes theme bars are just half-arsed,” says Chris, as he lets me taste The Angry Pirate’s Grog: a heavily spiced blend of dark, white, and black rum. The Angry Pirate, to be fair, has used their whole arse, and the décor is, to put it mildly, committed to theme. But it’s (surprisingly) not overwhelming, because the staff are friendly and funny, and the Grog makes for an amazingly spicy and rich Angry Old Fashioned ($18). After I’ve tried the light and fruity Fresh Mint Papple ($14) with gin and pear liqueur, I have to go back and try another Grog-based cocktail, The Angry and Sour ($16). There’s pizza on the menu, a never-ending supply of free spicy popcorn, and a few good craft beers on tap, but it’s the staff that will have me coming back. By the time I’ve finished my spicy Sour, I’ve even grown attached to the stuffed seagull. I think I’ll call him Henry.

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