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Review - La Tratt

La Tratt, the flagship of Fairfield RSL, is a surprising restaurant; delivering everything you’d expect from a CBD hotspot without any pretentiousness.

As you settle into the rich brown restaurant - or start in their comfy lounge – a circulating drinks trolley will pay you a visit, offering Champagne and other traditional aperitivi like Campari and Soda ($6).

A complimentary platter of bread, oil and zesty house-marinated olives will accompany you through menu selection.

La Tratt Restaurant Coordinator Maji Yau - a star on the floor - will list the specials and answer any questions. Though with clear dish descriptions and wine matches printed on the menu, you’re unlikely to find it intimidating.

The Swordfish Carpaccio ($22) special showed great restraint, allowing the fresh fish to take centre stage.

House-made pastas are definite highlights. Aragosta Gnocchi Di Patate ($19/$28) with plentiful slipper lobster (similar to Balmain bug), gentle tomato passata and a touch of chilli and cream, has been on the menu since they opened for good reason.

A bolder Anatra Porcini Tortellini ($18/$24) - duck and porcini mushroom tortellini - is equally enjoyable; arriving drizzled with duck sherry jus and caramelised pear relief.

The Caramelised Pear Tart ($16) will see you off into the night, likely with their take-home gnocchi, olives and cheeses tucked under your arm…

PS. You can read more about Fairfield RSL HERE.

La Tratt
Fairfield RSL, 14 Anzac Avenue, Fairfield
Ph: (02) 9727 5000

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