MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Stuffed Eggplants

Every time we wander up to our local Farmer's Market, I am drawn to the stuffed eggplants, but they're expensive, and the one time I did buy one, they weren't all that tasty.

So this time, I used the urge to inspire me to make my own! What you can see above was our dinner, all items (including the amazing fresh-picked-this-morning snake beans) lovingly prepared by my significant other, except the stuffed eggplant, which I made myself.

And if I do say so myself, they rocked! The next day, instead of buying lunch, I had another one, and I felt very satisfied! I was happy that I had sourced the produce from the market, and prepared the dish myself, rather than purchasing a pre-done one... even if it was pre-done at the Farmer's Market.
Tags: food, recipes
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