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Bar Fly: Lonely Only For You

Viv McGregor ends her bar reviewing year in Redfern...

Lonely Only For You
139 Redfern Street, Redfern (0414) 553 224 facebook.com/LonelyOnlyForYou
After trying most of owner Amelia’s favourite wines, and eating an entire cheese board ($10/person), we come to the tipsy conclusion that Curtis Mayfield is really, really awesome. Lonely Only For You stands out in the Redfern bar scene for being delightfully understated. It’s a dark, elegant and mod-inspired space, and the furniture, the vintage glassware, and every heavily shaded lamp has been selected to compliment the low-key 1960s lounge bar atmosphere.

The bar list isn’t extensive (try not to panic – there are only two beers), but the wines are excellent, well priced and constantly changing. There’s a range of good Australian choices, with the best by far being the Wills Domain Shiraz Viognier ($40 bottle), and a scattering of European and South American wines, like the Argentinian Broquel Malbec ($15/glass). Most astonishing of all are the Brown Brothers house wines, which are five bucks a glass. In Sydney. Five bucks. It’s like I’ve travelled back in time…

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