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Review - The Spice Room

Alex Harmon relived some of her travels at this new Circular Quay restaurant...

On a harrowing, delay-riddled train journey through Rajasthan the only thing that saved me was the food.

I reminisced upon this as I peered out of the window at Circular Quay and saw not harbour views, but a train docking into the station.

For a more civilised journey, indulge in subcontinent-themed cocktails and order the Chicken Tikka Hyderabadi ($12.90), which is succulent and spicy, or...

...the Punjabi Paneer Pakora ($10.90) - a deep fried cheese delicacy that comes with typically colourful (albeit artificial looking) dipping sauces.

The Butter Chicken ($22.90) is faultless, and a good litmus test of any Indian restaurant - couple it with the Butter Naan ($4.50) for a truly decadent experience.

One of the house specialties is the Railway Canteen Goat Curry ($26.50), and although it might sound a little dodgy, the dish is outstanding, slowly braised and falling off the bone into a rich tomato-based curry.

The Goan Fish Curry ($26.50) is another classic they seem to get just right. It tastes like the South – swimming in coconut cream and delicately spiced.

I’ve always thought of Circular Quay as a bit of a suits-meets-seagulls good food wasteland, but this is worth getting on a train for. And make sure you visit the majestic bathrooms – there’s nothing train-like about them!

The Spice Room
Quay Building, 2 Phillip Street, Circular Quay
Ph: (02) 9251 7722

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