MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Progress Report

Today was Chicken Day... well, at least it was for Mel.

I took out about $100 worth of Lenard's chicken products for her new freezer, so she and the boys will be eating lots of chicken burgers, chicken patties, chicken kievs, chicken cordon bleus, chicken schnitzels, chicken breasts, chicken kebabs and chicken wings. (Lenard's have some great value multi-packs of chicken that needs little preparation. This pack (plus a few extras I purchased separately) is supposed to be 7 meals for 4 adults, which I think means at least 21 meals for Mel and the kids. I also took out loads of sandwich bags, and we spent half an hour bagging and labelling it all into appropriate portions.)

I also bought about $60 worth of frozen goods like frozen baby peas, corn kernels, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, corn fritters, bubble and squeak, french fries, beef lasagne, battered tempura fish, fish fingers, raspberries and a giant tub of Peter's Neopolitan Ice Cream (because I didn't know what flavour they liked). Oh and some fresh bread rolls for chicken burgers tonight.

Here she is with the half filled freezer. Next week she will have Beef Day! She again passes on her thanks to those who have contributed, and asks that nobody says anything to her ex at Hellfire, as she doesn't want him to have any reason to withhold the child support for any longer than he already has.

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