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This Week's Food News: The Butler

Bursting onto the bar scene late last year, The Butler, is housed in the former Mezzaluna. It’s the latest Applejack Hospitality venture by the lads who brought you Bondi Hardware, The Botanist Kirribilli and So Cal Neutral Bay, Hamish Watts and Ben Carroll. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the location – understandable as it was once an expensive spot – pop in for a cocktail. The second you set foot on their wide verandah, you will see why it was so iconic. The green expanses of The Domain and the gleaming city skyline beg you to stay for sundowners under plantation ceiling fans and leafy foliage.  While I popped in for canapés and a gander on opening night, word on the street is Group Executive Chef James Privett (formerly of The Cut) is delivering a very interesting French colonial menu. It covers everything from boudin noir sliders, to black bean boulettes (they’re balls to us ordinary types) with cous cous and collard greens. I’m tempted to pop back myself for The Butler’s Banquet because at seven courses for $55 per person, it is a steal…

The Butler
123 Victoria Street, Potts Point
Ph: (02) 8354 0742

The Butler on Urbanspoon
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