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Review - Cuckoo Callay

Ryan Kennedy really brought home the bacon this week....

When it comes to the celebration of all things bacon, the entrance to Newtown Station is hardly the place you would expect to look. Yet, with its little window boxes of herbs and lovingly mismatched chairs, Cuckoo Callay has turned into an unlikely little hub for a twelve-week festival of pig.

With eight swine-centric dishes and four bacon-infused drinks, the puns fly thick and fast and bacon is, well, in everything.

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart ($19) alone contains five bacon elements: maple bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon-crumbed poached eggs. The bacon sausage again features in the crackling-filled Bacon Dawg ($16), and it’s heartening to know all the bacon bits come from free-range pigs via the Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville.

All the flavours here are big and bold to match the bacon, like the maple syrup and brioche sweetness uniting with salty bacon and fried chicken in the cardiologist’s nightmare that is Don’t Go Bacon My Heart ($19).

On the sweeter side of the balance is Ya Bacon Me Crazy ($20), with warm waffle and cinnamon ice-cream meeting maple-glazed and chocolate-covered bacon. And, if you haven’t had enough, wash it all down with the impossibly rich Shake ‘n’ Bacon ($9).

For bacon lovers, this is an essential pig pilgrimage.

Cuckoo Callay
324 B, Newtown Railway Station, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9557 7006

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