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This Week's Food News: The Gantry

Walsh Bay has just become a bit more interesting with Pier One Hotel Sydney Harbour revitalising their restaurant space into The Gantry Restaurant and Bar. The menu, which celebrates local and sustainable provenance, is in the hands of the remarkably humble Executive Chef Chris Irving. Canadian-born Irving has cooked alongside Gordon Ramsay and been a private chef for The Beckhams.

As the sun drifted behind the neighbouring wharves, I joined hotel owner Robert Magid and over two hundred other guests, to sample canapés, including handpicked spanner crab with sambal wrapped in betel leaves. We were also treated to buffet stations including a tempting ice sculpture loaded with prawns, Balmain bugs and fresh uni provided by Jules Crocker from Joto Fresh Fish (who incidentally run my favourite weekend seafood market, Cleanfish Australia).

Our lips were kept wet with two signature cocktails courtesy of Bar Manager Ben Taouss, a veteran of Pocket Bar. It was hard to pick a favourite between the Lady on the Pier, which updated the Pink Lady with lemon myrtle and elderflower, and the Swinging Monkey, that used coconut water to good effect in a spiced Monkey Shoulder whisky cocktail served over hand-chipped ice.

Keep your eyes peeled for my full dinner review...

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar
11 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Ph: (02) 8298 9910

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon
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