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Bar Fly: The Royal Botanical

Amie Barbeler did date night in Leichhardt this week...

I'll admit that the colour did drain from my face as I arrived at The Royal, a new date in tow, to be greeted by a gauntlet of half-cut construction workers. But there's a lot more to this pub than meets the eye.

Head upstairs and you'll find a beautiful bar/restaurant called The Royal Botanical. Expect gorgeous views of the sunset, friendly staff, great cocktails and pub food and an atmosphere that is very conducive to an easy and relaxed date.

My date and I kicked off the night with a few vanilla vodka and passionfruit Passion Martinis ($17) each with a shot of Prosecco on the side, before I inhaled the Crispy Pork Belly ($24) with roasted root vegies and she attempted the mountain of meat that is the Black Angus Sirloin ($24) with mash and dark beer gravy.

Pro tip: Stick to the side door if you want to impress your date.

The Royal Botanical
Upstairs, 156 Norton Street, Leichhardt
Ph: (02) 9569 2638

The Royal Botanical on Urbanspoon

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