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Beef Day

For those interested in updates on Mel, today she had Beef Day today.

I was a bit behind the eight-ball all day so I ended up missing the recommended wholesaler and getting meat from two different butchers - Peter's Meats and Bush's Meats. I got nearly 10 kg of beef in a variety of ways (0.5 kg Beef Cheese & Bacon Rissoles; 2 kg Topside Steak; 0.5 kg Tomato, Onion & Beef Rissoles; 1 kg Marinated Beef Stirfry; 1 kg Gourmet Beef Sausages; 1.5 kg Rump Steak; 2 kg Gourmet Mince; 1 kg Bacon; 0.5 kg Beef , Onion & Cheese Hamburgers; and 0.5 kg Crumbed Rissoles).

I also bought another range of frozen convenience foods (bulk party pies; cheese & bacon pizza singles; Ingham's Chicken Nuggets; Hash Browns etc); as well as a few things she needed (like Milk) plus a bag of Cookie Man Cookies as a little luxury treat, all for under $200. I would estimate that there is at least 30 meals that would feed the whole family in this particular shop.

As you can see, the freezer is three-quarters full of food! What a great effort, thank you all who have donated!

As for the Child Support, Mel has continued chasing it, and it turns out that her ex had given Child Support a form agreeing to deduct the money straight from his pay, but unfortunately, he had not written where he ACTUALLY worked on the form, so they contacted the wrong business, and were told he was not an employee.

So Mel gave them his real work, and they said she would now have to wait ANOTHER three months from them receiving the CORRECT details. Grrr.
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