MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Review - Chunky Move's GLOW

On Saturday we went to a 26 minute show (following my theory that a short show is a good show), seeing the new Chunky Move production Glow at The Studio.

It was practically an exorcism on the dance floor... in fact, speaking of people being driven crazy, if you liked the movie The Cube, you'd probably love this show.

The premise is rather difficult to explain - it is a collaboration between a dancer and a motion capture software engineer Freider Weiss, and basically the piece uses infra-red cameras scanning the heat signature of the dancer at 25 frames per second. This was a real time processing of the dancer, where the interaction between lines, shadows, music and patterns on the dancer informed the dance. You sat above, overlooking a dancer in a white box, who at times seemed trapped in a terrifying electrified cube with her own shadows chasing her.

I really, really liked Glow, and felt like I was seeing the future of dance and multimedia!
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