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Review - Roadhouse Bar & Grill

There’s an extensive American whiskey list sitting on the bar at Atura Blacktown, boasting more than forty different bourbons.

They’ll set you back anywhere from $7.50 to $32 a glass, or you can combine four standard or premium whiskeys into a Whiskey Tasting Plate ($45/$65).

Carefully arranged on a specially designed board, your four whiskeys are served up with a juicy Angus beef burger from the Roadhouse Bar & Grill kitchen. It’s layered with bacon and dressed with bourbon sauce to keep things nicely thematic.

Your friendly bartender will serve your whiskeys with a drink coaster on top of them; with the name of the whiskey written on it face down.

This helps your palate, not any preconceived ideas about price, decide upon your favourite.

Made in New York, Hudson Baby Bourbon ($24), is the first legal pot-still whiskey produced there since prohibition. It’s made on corn, and is full of sweet vanilla. Noah’s Mill Bourbon ($24) is a small-batch Kentucky bourbon that quickly puts to rest the notion that all bourbons are sweet. It’s strong without nasty throat afterburn.

The Jim Beam Maple ($7.50) is very easy to like as an American whiskey beginner, and goes with the bacon on your burger a treat; however with a nice punch of spice at the end, Few Bourbon ($18.50) was my favourite of this quartet.

The tasting plate includes your favourite American whiskey lengthened into a drink with the mixer of your choice at the end. It’s perfect to kick back with and enjoy the people watching opportunities afforded by initiatives like Atura Open Mic (Saturdays 3pm-6pm) in the open plan space decked out in that signature QT style by interior designer Nic Graham.

He is also responsible for the tastefully appointed rooms, in case you over-indulge. And be warned, even for this seasoned drinker, my American whiskey adventure left me feeling quite dusty the next morning.

Luckily there's free bottled water in the rooms, and easily achievable in-room hair of the dog that bit you...

Roadhouse Bar & Grill
32 Cricketers Arms Road, Prospect
(02) 9421 0000

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