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Produce - AC Butchery

My Easter weekend so far has been made of cancer - with my best friend being admitted to Concord Hospital, and then today going wig shopping for a wig for my partner's mother who is also undergoing chemotherapy. So I decided to improve my day by at least doing our fortnightly shopping at some of my favourite produce shops.

Our local butcher, AC Butchery is always a favourite. Not only is their meat of the most exceptional quality, they also have things you don't often see elsewhere. Today's find was a Wagyu Rump Roast ($22/kilo). Look at the amazing marbling:

We also picked up some lovely Duck, Pistachio & Orange Sausages ($18.99/kilo) which were a total bargain at $4.86 for two big fat sausages.

It's hard to go past a good steak, so we also picked up a couple of steaks - this time we chose John Dee Sirloins ($33.99/kilo or about $9.75 each steak).  John Dee is in Warwick, in the gently hilly Southern Downs (about 2 hours from Brisbane). They primarily run British breeds, including Hereford, Black Angus and Murray Grey (and crossbreeds of the three). They let most of their cows grow to about 32 months, and thus have more flavour than other types of beef which are generally taken to the slaughterhouse much younger. They are grain fed, a practice which has its supporters and its opponents. My vote is yet to be cast, but I intend to do a side by side taste test one of these days... I'll let you know what the results are!

AC Butchery are more than just a butcher. They have a range of quality products, including the best butter in the world - Lescure ($6.50/250g) and the best sea salt in the world - Maldon ($8.00/240g).

AC Butchery
174 Marion Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Ph: (02) 9569-8687
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