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Produce - Kimberley Chocolates

What's Easter without a bit of chocolate? As we get ready to embark on a drive to Tinonee tomorrow to wish my partner's Mother a Happy Birthday, we decided to grab some chocolate eggs to take with us.

We actually live a short walk from Kimberley Chocolates, which I must admit, made the idea of purchasing from them even more attractive. However the main reason I chose to do so was because they have awesome chocolate. Not only are they the home of interesting chocolates like chilli chocolate, but their dark chocolate is to die for. It's the perfect combination of rich, full chocolate flavours, without too much sweetness. So we have eggs-a-plenty, including some Dark & Milk Truffle Filled Half Eggs ($16 each) with truffles like: Mango & Forest Berry, Hazelnut; Peppermint; Rose; Port; Kakadu Plum; Lemon Myrtle; Rum & Raison; Coconut Rough and Coffee. There are also a couple of large Dark Eggs ($16 each) as well. Bring on the bunny I say!

We also got ourselves some chocolate - a bar of White Chocolate ($1.50) and a bar of Green Tea Chocolate ($2.00)

Happy Easter everyone!

Kimberley Chocolates
209 Lilyfield Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Ph: (02) 9555-7900
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