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Bar Fly: Kansas City Shuffle

While their morning waffles have developed a cult following, Ben Sweeten and the team at Kansas City Shuffle, haven’t exactly been resting on their laurels. They’re in the process of opening a (rather large) small bar right next door to the café space; and while they’re in their own in-between stage, they’re offering us all something to fill in that limbo time between the end of work and dinner.

Employing light-hearted Bruce Lee themed décor that summons a retro Aussie-Chinese restaurant, they’ve made a dumpling pop-up bar. It’s open for Happiness Hours running every Wednesday to Friday, from 4pm to 7pm.

“I just love dumplings,” Ben Sweeten explains when I stop by to give Happiness Hours a road test.  While the full bar – which will be an espresso martini specialist – is still on the way, they’re serving up Young Henry’s beers on tap. The Newtowner ($8) and their Natural Lager ($8) are both brilliant with dumplings.

Start by lining your stomach with a trio of fluffy BBQ Pork Buns ($10). Douse them liberally in Bobo’s house-made chilli sauce. Chef Beau ‘Bobo’ White starts with a barbeque base, adding smoky chipotle chillies, giving this compelling sauce an American edge that suits the buns perfectly.

A steamer basket of translucent Prawn Dumplings ($10/4) will see you cracking open the soy.

You can use either sauce on the soupy Xiao Long Bao ($10/4), which are tasty but a little on the doughy side. However you’re unlikely to care if you arrive between 5-6pm, because all their dumplings are just one buck apiece.

Kansas City Shuffle
195 Gloucester Street, The Rocks
Ph: (0415) 362 038

Note: Find a previous review of this venue HERE.

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