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Produce - Sugarloaf Patisserie

In the name of sharing, I took my partner to the best patisserie I have discovered in Sydney - Sugarloaf Patisserie. He was delighted with the range of new and exciting products... well new to us, probably not new or exciting to those used to South American baked goods. So it was empanadas for breakfast, and then some shopping for some take-home supplies.

This loaf was a complete surprise to us - it is a Pork Crackling Bread ($5.50). The small brown flecks you can see are indeed bits of crackling. It goes with the Lescure Butter a treat, but it also does equally well with Joseph Olive Oil and Maldon Sea Salt! It's quite an amazing looking loaf too - rolled, and the slashed after it has risen to produce an alligator-like skin!

For those with a sweeter tooth, there is dulce de leche (caramelised milk) in all manner of shapes and sizes. Today we selected Caramel Churros which were delicious!

The second sweet we selected (it was so hard to choose) is called an alfajore and it is basically puff pastry, with dulce de leche in between and around the sides, then rolled in coconut.

I feel a caramel coma coming on...

Sugarloaf Patisserie
37 President Avenue, Kogarah NSW
Ph: 9553-4933
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