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Produce - Pino's Dolce Vita

Today so far has been one massive stuff up - including having a tire blow out. As such, I am at home, and online. However, I am only going to talk about yesterday. One other store we got to was Pino's Dolce Vita, as I loved the Tartufo Sausages we got last time, and I am still in love with the Bangalow Sweet Proscuitto.

Knowing how good Bangalow products are, made me keen to purchase fome of the wonderfully moist Bangalow Sweet Pork Cutlets. Bangalow Sweet Pork comes from up near Byron Bay, and it is hormone and antibiotic free. Their pigs are allowed to grow to a decent age, which means that there is marbling through the meat, ensuring their products are moist and tasty. We also bought two Bangalow Sweet Pork Scotch Fillets in the form of two steaks... I can hardly wait to eat them!

Beyond the lovely Tartufo (truffle) Sausages, they also make these wonderful ones, made of pork belly. They make them on-premises themselves, and they contain no preservatives (so you need to use in two days or freeze them).

We also bought a different cut of beef - a Fiorentina - which basically looks like a big cutlet of rib-eye on the bone. I think it will be chargrilled on the barbeque some time in the very near future!

And (just like AC Butchery), Pino's Dolce Vita also stocks a number of other products. We were taken by a jar of authentic Salsa Verde ($7.50) which I imagine will be topping the Pork Scotch Fillets!

Pino's Dolce Vita
45 President Ave Kogarah NSW 2217
Ph: (02) 9587 4818
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