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Review - BBQ King

We found you,” rings out joyously across the dining room. Finding the relocated BBQ King is like running into a long, lost family member. Multiple tables are being particularly effusive with their nostalgia, accosting the slightly bemused owner, Philip Chau. We might not be family, but after countless late-night meals, it’s clear many of us feel great attachment to this thirty-six year old enterprise.

With the clock edging towards midnight, I order a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale ($7) to stick it to the man – Premier Mike Baird - whose Lockout Laws continue to erode our once-vibrant city.

Our Peking Duck ($14/2 pieces) arrives almost simultaneously, and I’m pleased to report, the fat, juicy slabs of duck still number among Sydney’s best. I salivate watching them manoeuvred onto pliable pancakes, with the customary spring onion, red chilli and hoisin.

The ducks hang in a shiny new curved window facing onto Liverpool Street, in the site of the old Spanish Club.

While you can order takeaway on the ground floor, if you’re eating in, you’ll be enjoying your heaped plate of gleaming Roast Duck and BBQ Pork ($38.80) in the split-level, 200-seat dining room upstairs.

Biting into the duck’s crisp skin releases an explosion of well rendered, flavoursome fat into your mouth. Balance it with a healthy plate of Braised Fried Tofu with Mushrooms and Vegetables ($18.80) and some Special Fried Rice ($12) and you’re eating the late night feast of champions.

It’s nice to know that behind the fancy backlit branding, the nuts and bolts of this place – their legendary duck – remains unchanged.

BBQ King
76-78 Liverpool Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9267 2433

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