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Solid internet research on breakfast in Toowoomba led us to The Baker’s Duck. The small café-come-bakery sits on a residential street, just west of the inland city's main business district. Building upon their successful market stalls, The Baker’s Duck team began opening to the public earlier this year for just a six-hour Saturday morning window starting at 7am.

Locals patiently queue for their weekly artisan sourdough fix, some grabbing a Journeymen Filter Coffee ($4) or a well-balanced Sour Cherry Kombucha ($5/glass) to wash down a breakfast pastry while they’re there. It's supplemented by a very simple breakfast menu involving sourdough and muesli that you can eat at their communal table under Scando-chic bottled lights.

As we queue for our turn to ogle the impressive pastry range, we take in the artfully arranged book collection that sets out their philosophy in a nutshell: The Art of Simple Food; Scandinavian Baking; The Kinfolk Table… I’m half prepared for their baked goods to be more style over substance, but the wafting aroma of good bread keeps me keen to find out.

Our dropped jaws at the rapidly emptying counter meant we needed to explain having come all the way from Sydney for our first The Baker’s Duck experience. The friendly counter-hand exclaimed: "But there are plenty of good bakeries in Sydney!"

She’s sorely underselling just how good this Toowoomba bakery is.

A Snakebite ($5.50) rolling flaky butter puff pastry around jalapeño bacon and provolone is quite simply, the best breakfast pastry I’ve ever stuffed in my gob. Juicy currants help to elevate their Moroccan Lamb Sausage Roll ($7.50) into something that knocks out even those Bourke Street Bakery masterpieces.

I’m also impressed by both the Cardamom Scroll’s ($4.50) texture, and by the clever way it swaps out cinnamon for fragrant, aromatic cardamom.

Our selection of six pastries sets us back a mere $31, and they're all winners. The Double Choc Brownie ($4.50) has just the right balance of bite and chew, with an indulgent chocolate flavour that wasn’t too rich, though the Strawberry Cheesecake Danish ($5.50) strikes me as even better. It’s topped with a dab of lightly cheesy Neufchatel cream cheese, blueberries and vividly red strawberries that explode with flavour. It’s enough to make me want to return to Toowoomba every Saturday morning.

The Baker's Duck
Shed 1, 55 Bellevue Street, Toowoomba
Ph: none provided

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