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Adelaide Central Markets

Going to the Adelaide Central Markets made me green with envy. Not only is it the BIGGEST fresh produce market in the whole Southern Hemisphere, it is loaded with such awesome produce at such low prices, it made me want to weep. Look at all the different types of apples in the photo above... and this was of course only one of the fruit stores.

Warning: the next photo is as 'hardcore' as Iron Chef

In many of the stalls, I saw products that I haven't seen in Sydney. This butcher sold things like Haggis, Black Pudding and Fresh Bunnies, as you can see from my photo.

The Salami Man was a favourite with my darling - not only did they have samples, they had a product called 'Bum Burners', and they even had 'Bum Burners rollin in Chilli'. You know he had to have some don't you?

Now these were absolutely a revelation to me - they're Russian, and called Piroshki, and the one I had was like the lightest, fluffiest ball of donut like pastry, filled with raspberry jam. My meat focussed companion had a beef one, which was also great. And as you can see from my photo below, they are made fresh in the market! Apparently, they're the 'hot-dog of Russia'.

Now after all that pastry goodness, we needed a drink. Remember soda syphons? These drinks were just like them. You got a few squirts of syrup (we chose ginger beer) and then they added water or soda water. You ended up with an intensely flavoured drink.

After that, we saw a french bakery stall - and what leapt out was these gorgeous Leek & Gruyere Tarts. They were sublime pieces of savoury pastry goodness.

And speaking of cheese, well there was so much cheese I nearly went into a melt-down. This stall shows a tiny bit of the cheesy bounty to be had at the markets. Look at it and weep!

There were loads of other products, including all manner of giant Italian Glace Citrons , Almond Saffron Pears and Glace Cumquats - all of which were new products to me!

I'll leave you with the chocolates (of which there were many)...

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