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Review - Mama Rosy's

Marked by a wine barrel and golden light spilling onto King Street, Mama Rosy’s is a convivial Italian restaurant run by a tight-knit group of Sicilian family and friends.

It’s the kind of restaurant that’s not too proud to turn out the lights and encourage guests to join a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday, just to make a diner’s night.

The arrival of our half-metre pizza board is another whole of restaurant experience; capturing the cosy courtyard’s attention with high dough arches, draped in prosciutto with a ricotta crown. With dough that’s proofed for 24-hours, and set aside for a second rise to ensure the well-charred crust is light and bubbly, the pizzas here are not a case of style over substance.

With simple Italian toppings like fresh mozzarella di bufala, rocket, cherry tomato, and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP, these large rectangular beauties are cooked for just a minute and a half in the shiny, copper-topped wood-fire pizza oven.

It’s manned by smiling pizzaiolo Johnny Giordano, who like the rest of the team, oozes warm, Sicilian hospitality.

The beautiful Margout Bucceri lands our mountain of spaghetti con le sarde with a childhood tale of watching her mother cook it in Palermo, the nation’s capital. The toothsome pasta is adorned with toasted breadcrumbs and a whole sardine. Each strand of spaghetti is well coated in a finely chopped mixture of sardines and anchovy; the intensity eased by cherry tomatoes and sweet bursts of raisin.

Presenting our heaving antipasti platter, Restaurant Manager Cristian Fiorello explains: “We try to give as much as we can.”

While he’s referring to his team’s passion - evident in everything they do - if you’re tucking into their four-course Italian banquet ($50/head) of antipasti, pasta, pizza and dessert, you’d be well advised to bring an appetite.

Note: This piece also appeared in Issue #299 of Ciao Magazine.

Mama Rosy’s
496 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 7900 3668

Mama Rosy's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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