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Travel - Foragers Market Bulli

With such slick marketing, to be honest I was expecting a little more from the Foragers Market Bulli.  My confusion was created by the Foragers Market brand actually representing three different markets through the same website and social media pages. Some of what Facebook had made me keen to uncover, appears to actually take place at either the Eat Street Wollongong market on a Thursday 5pm-9pm, or at the daytime Friday Forage Wollongong between 9am-3pm.

So I pulled into the Bulli Showground expecting a wide range of fresh produce, so I was surprised to find only two aisles of indoor stalls, and a spattering of outdoor ones. It seems the bulk of people are attending this market come for the hot food stalls; pulling up a pew on the grass outside to take in the live music acts while they eat breakfast or lunch.

For keen vegetable shoppers like me, there are a couple of stalls offering up produce, including well-presented vegetables from Orange, and the almost ubiquitous farmers’ market mushroom from Margin’s Mushrooms in Woy Woy.

Tucked in amongst all the hot food however were two artisan winners. The first was Paddy the Baker’s stall, selling traditional Irish breads. I’m a bit in love with their Potato Bread ($20/4), which is baked in their factory in Miranda, then retailed at markets across Sydney.

It’s delicious in a traditional Scottish breakfast with fried eggs and blood sausage, which you can pick up at the Bačka Gourmet Foods stall next door. Bačka was our score of the day, not only did we find excellent blood sausage, we took home two different salumi, including The Godfather ($18), a tasty pork chilli salami with a blend of garlic, hot paprika, and crushed chillies giving it a firey red appearance inside.

The flavours were so good, I’m going to head on out to Revesby to their factory store, where they also offer up fresh produce like cevapi, skinless sausages.

Foragers Market Bulli
Grevillea Park Road, Bulli
Ph: (0477) 109 132


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