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Travel - Husky Bakery & Cafe

As a typical small town bakery, Husky Bakery & Café might not have even caught my attention had we not needed some bread rolls for dinner.

We pulled in and the on-counter samples in this surprisingly expansive weatherboard cottage caught us by surprise. In fact, without trying their Husky Malt Loaf ($5.50), I probably wouldn’t even be reporting back on this one at all… however their Scottish style fruit bread is amazing! Toasted and loaded up with just salty butter, it tastes like malt and dark, treacly sugars, and has a wonderfully chewy texture. It’s so good, cue me three or four weeks later, schlepping back down the coast to Huskisson for more...

This time we decided to give their breakfast a go. Skipping the Paleo Granola ($10.50) because I’m reasonably sure the hunter-gathering people in Paleolithic times didn’t eat granola, I decide to give their Brioche Brekky Roll ($9) a go. Topped with sesame seeds this reasonably normal bread roll comes stuffed with a fried egg, tasty cheese and a reasonable about of bacon that’s been grilled to various different degrees. Tempted by the additional Pineapple ($0.50) option, I throw caution to the wind and throw some in with my barbeque sauce.

It’s okay, but nothing to write home about – ditto the slightly burnt Flat White ($3.50), but gee, how good is that Scottish malt bread? The other thing this bakery seems to get right is small people. With a playground down one end of the long, airy, covered verandah, families tend to sit down there, confining the noise and excitement to one area. They also run children’s birthday parties, neatly ensuring there’s no need for a McDonalds in this picturesque coastal town - and that's something to be happy about.

Husky Bakery & Cafe
11 Currambene Street, Huskisson
Ph: (02) 4441 5015

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