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Suburban Gems: Eastwood

As well as twelve permanent stalls, the Taiwan Night Markets boasts a number of temporary stalls that pop up on weekends. You’ll find them occupying carts and tents placed within the brightly lit corral of stalls.

In a white tent near the entrance that’s simply labeled Handmade Wonton, you’ll find two women wearing clean, crisp whites and masks, hand-pleating pork wontons.

Like so many of the stalls here, you can watch the progression of your dish from process to completion, as it’s being made in an immaculately clean set up, right before your eyes. This stall offers up three different pork wonton soups, all based on the same pork bone broth that you can peer into, simmering away on a burner at the front of the stall.

From the three hanging menu cards, we choose Pork Wonton with Soybean and Chilli Source [sic] ($8/small), and very quickly received a round takeaway tub full of silky pork wontons swimming in soup. The broth is pleasant and simple, with the flavourings added as garnishes rather than cooked into the soups. There’s also a small table at the front of the stall where you can avail yourself of vinegar or more chilli if you so desire.

After loading our soup up with copious chilli we make a pit stop at a permanent stall called Jolly Younkers for a Sugar Cane Juice ($3.50).

Once again, this is another Taiwan Night Market product that's made right in front of you, with fresh canes being hand fed into a juicer while you wait.

In another corner of this stall, a man is frying off aromatic Chinese barbeque pork in thin sheets. It's called bak kwa, but you can think of it as a moist pork jerky, slightly sweet with the heady flavour and aroma of freshly barbequed meat. If we didn't already have pork wonton soup in our hands, we'd undoubtedly have bought some, because the smell was maddeningly good...

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Jolly Younkers
Taiwan Night Market,
Shop 9, 178-182 Rowe Street, Eastwood
Ph: (02) 9267 7612

Jolly Younkers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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