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Suburban Gems: Eastwood

The biggest problem at the Taiwan Night Markets is deciding what to eat. Unless you’re prepared for a twelve-course meal, there’s no way you can even take in all the permanent stalls in a single visit.

I’ve earmarked Hot Spicy Soup as a stall to come back to next time. Their stall looks like a savoury pick’n’mix because they’re making malatang – a hot and spicy soup I fell in love with last year at Yang Guo Fu Ma La Tang (you’ll love it if you love laksa).

Takoyaki were also doing a roaring trade on the popular Japanese octopus balls. This fast-paced temporary stall doesn’t just stop at octopus balls either – they’re also doing a vegetarian version, crab balls and prawn balls.

At Griddle King they’re making omelette wraps, with fillings like that stringy Chinese favourite - pork floss, as well as a range of dessert crepes, fro butter sugar to banana, nutella and walnut. Their menu also includes a range of Taiwanese drinks made on winter melons. They’re in the same family as honeydew melons, and in Chinese cuisine you’ll find them used in stir-fries, congees and stews. You might also find winter melon used as the filling of Taiwanese mooncakes during the Moon Festival.

It scrubs up nicely in the Iced Winter Melon with Lemon ($3.50) particularly because in Chinese medicine, winter melon is used for its cooling properties as a tea on very hot days - just the ticket after all the spicy food here. It's also said to act on your bladder, small and large intestine to detoxify.

We enjoy our drink with a Beef Bun ($6.80) from Wu Han Gourmet stall.

This bun is stuffed with a moist mix of marinated cooked beef that’s full of cumin and spice, and then crisped up in a sandwich press.

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Griddle King
Taiwan Night Markets
Shop 2, 178-182 Rowe Street, Eastwood
Ph: (02) 9267 7612

Griddle King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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