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Review - Danjee

Rammed with a mostly-Korean crowd, Danjee is still pretty much the top of the food chain as far as Sydney’s Korean restaurants go. I tend to venture down the tiny alley between George Street and Kent Street for their extensive Korean booze selection and for my favourite fire chicken – Bul Dak ($38) – fix. To put out the fire (because this dish is seriously hot) we road-tested a Korean Rice Beer Sampler ($20).

Offering up a rack of four brightly coloured, flavoured rice beers, this one’s more gimmick than great. However as you tuck into the dish’s spicy chicken thigh pieces, chewy tteok (rice cakes), pineapple hunks and cheese, I guarantee you’ll be reaching for these quirky but cooling liquids.

You can also order the more sophisticated version - Kooksoondang Korean Rice Wine ($13) – that will achieve the same thing without the added colours and flavourings.

We enjoyed our drinks with Deep Fried Rice Cakes ($8.00) while we were waiting for other members of our party to arrive, reveling in their crisp yet chewy texture.

We moved on to a clear rice wine (Cheongju) called Hwarang ($23/375ml) that’s made from 97% rice and 3% wheat, to suit our more subtle Sam Gye Tang ($29). This cloudy soup is flavoured with ginseng, dates and chestnuts, with a whole spatchcock (young male chicken) and filmy pieces of roasted rice floating within. Think of it as the Korean version of chicken noodle soup, with all the same health-giving properties.

Despite the trend away from it, banchan at Danjee remain free, and are the perfect accompaniment to their barbeque menu. The cold weather inclined us to sit inside, so this time we let the kitchen do the barbequing for us.

Our resulting Wagyu Neuk Gan Sal ($29) – soy marinated beef rib fingers (intercostal muscles) – were tender and delicious. They coated our lips with rich, fatty juices that we washed down with Hite Beer ($7) – a satisfying start to this winter’s eating.

NOTE: You can read a previous review for this venue back HERE.

1/7 Albion Place, Sydney
Ph: (02) 8084 9041

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