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Review - Anatolia Clemton Park

Clemton Park: before you ask, it’s a small suburb sandwiched between Campsie in the north, and Bexley in the south. Recently the suburb’s sleepy residential streets have given way to a medium density housing development called Clemton Park Village.

This cluster of 800 apartments sits a block or so back from Canterbury Road, and is arranged like a village around an open-air piazza that’s hemmed by cafes and restaurants. It’s here you’ll find Anatolia, an outpost of Istanbul, as you might guess from their neon-lit mural featuring the Bosphorus (the waterway that separates Europe from Asia) and the famous Blue Mosque.

This hybrid restaurant meets kebab shop affords you with the opportunity to eat your adana roll sitting under the custom-made Ottoman lantern chandelier. Anatolia is the brainchild of Adem Kir, his brother and a good friend who also happens to be a meat wholesaler.

Cue: excellent meat, which we gave a whirl in a Mix Plate ($32).

The three meats - adana, chicken and lamb - are cooked on metal swords over a charcoal grill that is housed inside a glass box. Diced thigh fillets of chicken are moist and flavoursome; and the adana made from ground lamb shoulder and lamb rib, blended with spices from Southern Turkey, is even better. However the highlight of the plate is the juicy, pink-centred diced lamb backstrap that's beautifully tender. We consume our char-grilled meats with soft, house-made flatbread, rice and salad, along with an array of dips.


Baba ganoush is smoky with full eggplant flavour, and the house-made chilli sauce is even better.

Delivered on a long wooden board, a Vegetarian Pide ($18) is also worth ordering.

Tucking great olives and a snapping fresh blend of lightly cooked vegetables under golden cheese inside a lovely seed-scattered, crisp base, a squeeze of lemon is basically all your pide needs to sing.

Anatolia should also be on your dessert agenda with an excellent Turkish Coffee ($3) and Tea ($3) service, carried to the table on an ornate metal stand.

Turkish delight accompanies our drinks, though we throw in traditional Baklava ($8) with stretchy maras ice cream sourced from the experts at Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream.

Alternatively try a creamy Rice Pudding ($5) as contrast to the intensely flavoured Turkish coffee as you contemplate this new suburban village in Sydney's Inner West.

NOTE: See another review in Clemton Park Shopping Village HERE and HERE.

Anatolia Clemton Park
16/5 Mackinder Street, Campsie
Ph: (02) 8731 1876

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