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Review - Holy Duck!

Second time proved to be a charm at Holy Duck! After visiting this newcomer in January, I returned earlier this month to check out their updated menu. With the crew behind Chefs Gallery supplementing the menu of barbequed and roasted meats with vegetable dishes and a host of rice and noodle options, my first impression was that it’s now much easier to design a balanced meal at this holy temple of duck.

I’m also pleased to see they took the hint and added a small list of craft beer and wine… if there’s anything rich barbequed meats call for, it’s booze to cut the fat and help wash them down.

We whet our appetites with an entrée of Steamed Scallops ($16/4) accompanied by the signature Holy Duck! Pale Ale ($8). The beer, brewed locally in Leumeah, is a bit dark, flat and malty for my liking, leading me to prefer a Young Henrys Newtowner ($9). The steamed scallops are topped with alternating bright orange roe and garlic, and served on slices of cucumber surrounded by a soy broth. They’re a gentle and flavoursome way to ease your stomach into the more serious meats.

Having availed myself of the Holy Duck’s namesake protein on my last visit, on this trip I made the Roast Beef Short Rib ($36) my meal centrepiece.

Conveniently sliced for you, it’s presented on the bone under a tangle of green shallot kimchi with an accompanying green puddle of jalapeno puree.

It’s a modern and interesting short rib rendition that eats well alone, or against their Roast Holy Duck! Fried Rice ($18). Along with plentiful amounts of roast duck, the fried rice is greened up with shallots and finely diced asparagus, then made lively using mustard seeds that pop on your tongue. My only complaint is that it’s hella salty!

Kicking back to a standout musical soundtrack of jazz classics and standards, we conclude our meal with bowl of Sichuan Style Hot & Numbing Chicken Wings ($20). Despite appearances, this bowl of crisp and crunchy chicken wings actually doesn’t go far enough on the hot and numbing scale – though it certainly is well-cooked and tasty!

Note: You can read about my first visit to this venue HERE.

Holy Duck!
The Old Rum Store, Kensington Street, Chippendale
Ph: none provided

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