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Review - Linea Cafe

There’s a confidence to Linea Café that belies it being just nine months old. It makes more sense when you find out it’s by the same team behind Kafe Neo, just a hop, skip and a jump up Rocky Point Road. They’re currently on an expansion juggernaut, opening a third café in Wolli Creek.

The Ramsgate café sits on a sun-drenched corner where half of its tables are in shade, and the other half are in full sun. The arrangement is reversed in the afternoon. We opt for a sunny side table and enjoy basking in the glorious winter sun. Campos coffee – enjoyed as a Latte ($3.50) - is well made and quick to arrive.

My dining companion is equally pleased with her Hot Chocolate ($4). From the all-day breakfast and lunch menu she opts for a healthy bowl of Yoghurt Parfait ($12) that teams Sonoma’s toasted muesli with creamy waves of sweet yoghurt.

It’s topped with an eye-catching array of seasonal fruit – kiwi fruit, passionfruit, strawberries and orange segments – plus a scattering of seeds and edible blooms.

I’m wooed by a breakfast special offering Roast Sweet Potato Bread ($20). It’s an intriguing, cake-like slice layered with roasted kumara, then topped with heirloom tomatoes, smashed avocado and fluffy clouds of goat’s cheese. They serve two poached eggs with it, sitting inside tiny bowls, allowing you to take control of just how much your plate’s high quality ingredients mix.

I like being in control, and only ended up using one poached egg as a dipping sauce for the interesting, thick-cut bread. It was a satisfying breakfast and a nice spot to while away an hour, further improved by parking being plentiful right outside the well-appointed café.

Linea Cafe
226 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate
Ph: (02) 9529 9149

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