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Review - Outpost Espresso

It would be easy to drive right past Outpost Espresso, but if you’re a coffee lover, that would be a mistake. The tiny café is tucked down the side of a fish and chips shop in Collaroy. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the interior is cosy and welcoming.

Large pink blooms brighten up the communal table, which sits under a row of dangling hipster bulbs. A set of shelves shows off their name-brand products – most notably, Campos coffee and loaves of Brasserie bread.

A well-stocked glass counter lays out the day’s pastries, muffins and well-stuffed Brasserie bread sandwiches. Behind the counter there’s a chalkboard menu offering up simple breakfast and lunch items, and outlining the flavour profiles of three single origin coffee varietals.

With a visit to Melbourne making me cautious about ordering coffee in coffee-focused spots, I asked the barista how I should best try a single origin brew? The resoundingly positive answer was: "However you like your coffee, including with milk."

Breathing a sigh of relief I enjoy the Colombian beans in a Latte ($3.70) while my dining companion takes on Ethiopian beans in a Flat White ($3.70). Both coffees are flavoursome and smooth, with the barista really working to extract the best from each single origin bean. The Colombian threw malty vanilla in my milky latte, while the Ethiopian demonstrated the fruity characters of the bean.

With no real kitchen space to speak of, food offerings are kept simple. They arrive quickly with clean presentation.

Brasserie bread is put to good use in a well-balanced Reuben ($11.50) that isn’t overloaded with corned beef or too dominated by mustard.

The Tuna Bowl ($15.50) is a hefty bowl of cooked tuna, brown rice, quinoa, sunflower seeds, carrot, kale and almonds that’s a really pleasant mix to eat - and I'm not usually a fan of cooked tuna! It’s topped with two boiled eggs and a slice of lemon, ensuring you get enough protein to fuel the rest of your day.

And with the café’s large front window giving you an inviting look at the park across the street, and the glistening blue water of Fisherman’s Beach calling from the end of the street, there’s a good chance your afternoon will be active.

Outpost Espresso
996E Pittwater Road, Collaroy
Ph: (02) 9971 0444

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