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Review - Hisshou Teppanyaki

Looking more like a nightclub than a restaurant, Hisshou Teppanyaki is one of Sydney's few teppanyaki hotspots. With red lights and numerous flat screens on the walls showing music videos, the stage is set for your rockstar teppanyaki chef to entertain you.

The surprisingly long cocktail list will help you get into the spirit(s) of the place. The Honey Ginger Canadian ($17) is quite drinkable. This cocktail combines Canadian Club Whisky with ginger, bitters and honey, then lengthens it with soda water.

We hit up the cheapest Hibi Banquet ($49/head) and are quickly introduced to our chef for the evening – Wayne.

While we get stuck into individual portions of sesame salad and miso soup, Wayne starts us off on a rapid succession of dishes, beginning with king-prawn topped perch. (Disappointingly, here, the prawn legs and heads were thrown away.)

After we’re soothed with some reasonable teriyaki chicken, eating becomes punctuated with games involving diners catching raw eggs and bowls of fried rice. As much of it hits the floor or is worn by over-confident catchers, this would be an entertaining place to bring your boss and work colleagues.

After the carnage - that the poor waitresses mop up - Wayne fashions what's left of the raw eggs into an omelette, and then creates fried rice.

Unsurprisingly Hisshou also seems to be an awkward Tinder date hotspot with heterosexual couples silently filing in, both seemingly wondering how soon it is appropriate to fake a friend calling with a dire emergency.

The engaged chefs do their best to ensure everyone's evening takes a turn for the better, by flinging out bowls of fried rice.

The theatrical stunt cooking continues into misoyaki tenderloin steak that is flamed with a giant fireball after guests are sensibly told to move back from the grill.

Interestingly I thought the iron-rich hunks of steak could have done with more char. The meal is rounded out with teppan veggies, and a skillful upside down message written in salt by your chef. While it is not going to win any awards for the cooking, the combination of stunt food, the cocktail list and the nightclub atmosphere, make it a hit with for awkward first dates.

Hisshou Teppanyaki
752 George Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9211 1234

Hisshou Teppanyaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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